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Willow Park Funday

Yesterday we went to Willow park. The first then we did was wait patiently for the bus. When we got to Willow park we were introduced to the kind owners. Next I went to the rec center with my friend Lincoln. We played basketball 2v2s and of course Lincoln and I won. We were called to the main area where Mr Wiseman told us that we are going to the beach. Me and my friends Chaun, Aaron, Lucian and Lincoln made a hole on the beach. It was very hot and sandy. After about an hour and a half we went back for more free time. Once again Lincoln and I went to the rec center and won a 2v4 and Mr Wright was in the other team. It was finally lunch time and it was hot dogs. They were very nice. My highlight was eating the delicious food.

Running Animation

For cybersmart we had to make a animation. I hope you like it.

Character Description

This is a character description.


He was wearing a burnt and cut jacket. While holding his sharp machete. His red and white ski mask used to scare his prey. His dark dark eyes stare you down until you freeze to fear. He weighs about 95 kg and his height is about 6’4. If you ever see him you run while you can!

Writing Challenge 2/3/22

Walking down dark and eerie streets is not very appealing. Suddenly, a slimy sharp toothed person jumps into my face and I try to fight it off but it won’t leave. So I rolled over and smacked it and because of that it bit me. My hand is bleeding all over the wall, the pain in my hand hurts so much I will never be able to use it again. Dark thoughts start to cross my mind bad ones but I just need to keep fighting them. I hear my name then everything fades to black.