Sour Lollies

As my friend Aaron drops a ball covered in goosebumps that feel like sugar.  I smell the sweet smell of a lollie.  As I taste the strange ball my face quenches it is like a sour bomb in my mouth. My eyes feel like they are about to water. I sit there in shock, I did not expect the ball to be so sour. But the good side is that the lollie is only coated in sour the rest of the lollie is sweet. In the centre of the lollie is what I think is air because the lollie started to fizz. If you ever find this lollie I recommend only having one because if you have two your tongue is gonna burn.



Today extension and a few others went to KPMG. KPMG is in Auckland city, we drove there in a bus it only took 30 mins. The first thing the people at KPMG did was introduce themselves. We then went on a little tour around the offices and stuff. So when we got back to the main room we saw that morning tea was ready. The KPMG cooks made us some delicious sausage rolls and scones. We did some photo shop next was lunch. Lunch was chicken, fried potato and fruit stick. The final activity was playing play-do.


First day of Term 3

Today is the first day back at school! The term topic is Art Works. Mr Burt even made a song about it! My favourite immersion Assembly performance is Teams 4. Because they showed lots of different arts like drawing/painting, editing photos (with like Photoshop), online drawing (like google draw and other websites), which colours represent emotions and dance/drama.

When we got to class Mrs Stone tells us about herself this was mainly for the year 7’s. She then took us to the hall. She had lots of half pipes (one for everyone) and a ping pong ball, the goal was to get the ping pong ball using the half pipes to the other side of the court. After 3 attempts we finally got there.

Ukutoia Drawing

For extension we had to draw what we thought Maungarei looked like before European settlers arrived. The Maori travelled using mainly waka and this is because Tamaki is filled with lots of water ways and streams, the Maori would carry items for trading and getting from the top of New Zealand to Tamaki or anywhere that had water. The Maori tribes that live in Tamaki were peaceful from 1750-1820. In my drawing you can see the water stream above Maungarei and the houses on Maungarei are for scouting, so they could see other tribes traders and it was a great advantage for the tribes.