The Ogre

Once upon a time, there was an Ogre called Moran and a Princess called Chauny Rinna. The Ogre never knew its parents, no one ever liked him so he lives alone in a dungeon. Chauny Rinna was always loved; she could get shelter anywhere she needed. Things were different for Moran; he couldn’t go anywhere without people screaming and yelling. Sometimes people would try to kill or fight him. The thing is Moran is 7ft and has really strong thick layers so he can’t be pierced very well. Until one day Moran found away to get into the castle through the dungeon. Moran started to break the roof of his well I guess house. Days turned into weeks turned into months till Moran broke through his roof. (The roof was made of steel to keep prisoners from leaving, but that didn’t stop Moran.)


Dust falls all over his dark green skin. *cough cough* Moran looks up to see a very confused chef. “Are you ok” asks the chef “do you want to come in?”. Moran nods his head and climbs up into the kitchen. He looks around the room and sees lots of delicious food. “Who is that food for” asks Moran but it actually sounded more like this. “Who isd  fo fff or”. “The food?” “Yesh”. Moran walks over to the food and points at it and then his stomach. “Oh you’re hungry” Moran nods his head aggressively. “Help yourself to the salads, no ones gonna miss them.” Moran proceeds to stuff his face with salads and some meat here and there. Click the door swings wide open and a royal guard asks “what’s all this ruckus about ” he sees the ogre and starts yelling Moran gets frightened and hits him on the head. The guard falls to the floor with a *clank*. 


“Well that could’ve been worse” comments the Chef.  “Well you better get going Mr…” “Moran” “Mr Moran you go through that hole in the floor and I’ll cover it up with this mat”. Moran jumps down into his dungeon and grunts goodbye. Moran sits there and plans what he is going to do. He goes through the sewer grates and eavesdrops on people to see if they like the current king and queen. It seems that most people don’t like the way they rule, but they are getting old and their daughter Chauny Rinna will be taking charge. Moran tells “Miss Chef” and they plan how to become the new King and Queen. The thing is they will have to make sure that no one knows Moran is an ogre. 


After about a week they have their plan ready. Miss Chef invites the richest and most popular people in the town to eat. She then feeds them a secret recipe with some help from Moran. The food they’re about to eat makes them really drunk really fast. Now she tells them about her idea of becoming Queen. Because they are drunk they sign a contract that says they will be loyal to her and Moran. The next day they remind them about this and the people that signed have to vote for them. Now that the people with money and fame are voting for them it’s just a matter of time before they overthrow the King and Queen. 


1 month passes and tomorrow the voting happens, but the unexpected just happened. Vikings have invaded all land around them. Their army is nowhere near strong enough to defend the castle. The vikings are banging on the castle door. The end is near. All hope for the King and Queen has been lost, their plan has been ruined. That is until Moran decides to help defend the castle. The soldiers at first were terrified, but they realised that they were going to die anyway. As the door bursts open and the vikings come swarming in like ants. Moran isn’t scared, he just swings his enormous spiked club. Taking out large groups of vikings in one go. The soldiers start cheering in relief as Moran beats up the vikings. He did it the village is safe and the townsmen and women voted for Miss chef, Moran was made the army general. The vikings never came back to the village instead it was the Romans, but that is a story for another time my friend.

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