Free Writing-Work

“Hey Chaun, are you going to be on tonight?” “Yeah I’ll be on when I get home” replies Chaun. Chaun is my friend. He goes to the same school as me. He has longish black curly hair. He is very tall. “Hey Kris, have you played the new LTM” asks Aaron. Aaron is also my friend. He has chubby cheeks, a long fringe across his face, which he put to the sides of his face. He is a little bit shorter than me. I’m Kris and school has just finished and we are going home to play Rocket League. 


When I got home I put my chromebook on charge, got changed and thought about doing some homework. Now I load up Rocket League and start to practice. After a while I get an invite from Chaun. I join his party and we do a 1v1! 3 2 1 go! I start driving towards the ball using my infinite boost. When I hit the ball it goes to the wall I start to chase, Chaun got bumped off by the ball because you know I’m just too strong. Once I get to the ball I hit it towards his goal. Chaun starts driving as fast as he can to the goal. 


I dribble the ball across the wall to centre it. I drive to the middle and the ball is lining up, but Chaun does an aerial and flies and he hits the ball. I turn around and try to hit the ball back, but Chaun is already there. I start to fall behind him and it gives him an open net. I start to yell “no no no noooo”. He scores. I still have a chance. It’s 1-0 with 3:58 mins left. I decide to play it safe. Chaun comes driving at full speed towards the ball and hits it up into the air. The ball is flying at supersonic speeds at my goal. I look up and the ball hits the top of my goal and is bouncing towards Chauns goal! I see that Chaun has no boost left so I take my chance to score. It is now 1-1 all with 3:40 mins left.


1 min left. It’s getting intense. I need to beat Chaun. It’s still 1 all and Chaun has gotten a little too close to scoring. I’ve been playing safe for most of the game. It’s time to take the offence. I clear the ball and dribble towards his goal, but Chaun is already there. I get a fright and whiff my shot. Doing so Chaun takes the ball and dribbles into my goal. I slap my forehead and have to get a goal in 17 seconds. I remember what my friend Roman told me “When there isn’t much time left and you’re down by one, keep the ball on the wall and bump the opposition”. I do this strat and I hit the ball and start wall dribbling and I do it at speed to keep it going. Now I’m driving towards Chaun and BOOM I blow him up and the goal is open I score 4 seconds left. I feel the relief and excitement of my clutch goal and I hear Chaun moaning about how I hit him to score.


Overtime, the first person to score wins who’s going to score first…

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