Why GI is the best community in NZ P2

Glen Innes aka GI is the best suburb in East Auckland. They have a big Pak’NSave with trolley wheels that work, the pros about it being big is that it means more food and more checkouts. It also has the best KFC. Their chicken is juicy, their chips are thick and their drinks have paper straws. The Maccas wifi is better than any other McDonalds it even works in the toilet!


There are many Pak N Save in New Zealand but the best one is in GI. The reason is because it is big and there are more checkouts. The best reason is that the trolleys work! You know when the trolley doesn’t move forwards properly, it just stops all of a sudden and you have to give it a big push to start it up again. If that happens, come on down to GI Pak N Save where the wheels work. The people at the checkouts are nice and don’t care about what you’re buying (unless it’s illegal) but other than that they won’t mind.


GI has the best KFC in New Zealand. It’s because they make the best chicken. Their chicken is nice and juicy. Also their chips are better than other KFC’s because they don’t burn them at all and they put the right amount of salt. The drinks don’t have plastic straws, which means less pollution and more turtles. They use paper straws but they don’t go soggy when you try to drink either. So go to the GI KFC for the best chicken.

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