My Dream Home

What is a dream house? It is a house that can be anything. It doesn’t need to be realistic, but it does if you actually want to live in it. You could have a house in the sky or underground. It could be taller than the Sky Tower, it could be smaller than an average house (I don’t know you would want that though). But it could be anything. So read on.


What would your dream house be? My dream house would be gigantic, aka 3 storeys high and rectangular but 3km long and 2km wide and it would be in a medium sized town in Japan near the shore and I would be taught how to speak japanese (I do not know how to speak any of the language so far.) Inside it would have an inside theater that the town can pay to use. It would be $100 per movie + $10 a person (because it is private.) It would have too many bedrooms that I couldn’t count them all. 


It would have a 20 inch TV, a PS5, a Xbox X and 0 ping. In the room next door it would have a PC 2 monitors and a window that is actually painted to be sunny. Also I would have a private teacher that teaches me all subjects. It would have a pool that would be long. It will have a beautiful balcony. On the roof it would have a helicopter that I won’t use often (I will have someone that can fly it and use it to get some food from all over the country.) I will have a yacht on the shore that I would be able to see from my beautiful balcony. I would have a private Italian chef to cook food (obviously.)


I would also have a private jet in case I want to go to different countries. I will have a part of the house able to be hired for $20 a person or if it’s someone’s birthday it would be $20 per adult (18 and over) anyone younger would be free (because I’m nice 🙂 and you could only be in there for 5 hours or less. I would have four full sized basketball courts and I would make three of them able to be used for like school tournaments. 


That would be my dream house. It would be big and in Japan. It would have lots of rooms. It would be able to let people in (if they have paid.) What would your dream home be?

I hope you read and enjoyed my story. Leave a positive comment on my blog. Give me some feedback on how you thought the story is.

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